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Well for those who don't play the game, This is the best game in my mind.

MIDNIGHT4U: That's me and this is my page.

Midnight4U Still alive   Love these Goggles for the night missons      Finnished Misson   This is the Ladder.. So climb faster...   I want to kill them all stop shooting.. Please hehehe  Shotgun Guns with Rubber bullets Ouchhh  

SCORPIUS: The elder of the group and main host for your games, He is fast and will put down a great cover fire for you to make the kill.

Scorpius & Dead Crew    Team kills

SRMC2: With a triple identity we never know if its the wife or MINI_SRMC2 But darn the whole family kills well.

Looking at two shotguns in the face  Going  off killing   Team work at it's best   Shot gun killing action  Thats Blood!  Not paint balls....    Clear storage center

C_MANSON1: We think his first name might be charles and he is playing from a from dark jail cell.

Manson & crew DOA  Manson Wacth Out  Manson clearing the street  Hunting for SRMC fish bait   Line up after there dead, We know how you did it..  A trip overseas that worked out well. 

Hagar_the_Horrible: When you need a good partner or someone just to kill everybody you miss. 

Hagar & Crew DOA   Hagar Cleaning House

Captain_Steubing: A great host that puts on some good games. 

Cover fire provided    Clearing the Storage room   More kills for Captain Captain killing again   Sneaky sewer Rats   playing hide and seek with Tagos  

 ICE: Says it all he kills with a cold heart and never looks back.


POT: A Local to me and a great partner, always ready for a true blood shed in the world of Urban Ops.

Snow Base Kill run  Tunnel Rats..

Trinity [Cdn]: This Lady can really kill well, but when she dies her scream is as piercing as her bullets.




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