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Ready Room



About RS _UO
Mods Area
Coop Chat

  This is the Ready Room It will have an archive of Mods and other useful tools to enhance your game.  

About Rouge Spear and Urban Ops, Covert Ops

      This Is about the game just in case you never have heard of it.


      This is a small group of people I like to play with online usually we are doing coop runs and pistols.

Coop Gang

       This  group of guys I play with on the zone.  We play Coop mission in every sort of way, pistols only, shotguns  only, and of course Silent runs.

Mod Area

      This is the  Map  mods  that I like some are downloadable others I will provide links to there makers.


      This will be a page of all the hottest links for rouge spear. It also has the top mod makers web site and  clans. So check it out and go visit the big guys. 




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