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WW II Wep MOD Makers Page

This is another very popular wep mod on the Zone. This Mod offers weapons from the WWII era, as well as new German skins. I have used this mod myself, and it is  it's real nice.



This mod was made by the same people who brought us Nato2 for Rainbow Six. I've used this mod  and Armm did a great job on this! The mod offers lots of new weps, new sounds, and it even has a  working combat knife! I'm sure this Mod will be as popular as the first ones!


This Mod was made by  Shadow1. The mod offers lots of weps from the popular nato2 mod and a few new ones as well. Mod also contains darker smoke grenades, better reticules, and it also comes with a " Pulse Rifle" like the one used in the movie Aliens! 


I have been useing this mod and it kicks butt.  Resources say that this mod offers extremely accurate weapons (to accurate for realism) and some of the wep pictures don't fit in the menu selection, however, it does play real nice and offers a few more weapons for your gaming pleasure.


OPERATION MARS   Ran out of space coming soon

 This mod is another single player/multiplayer terrorist hunt and adversarial map mod, but this time, It added 9 space weapons, anti-gravity mines, new smoke, grenade, and muzzle flash textures, new wep models, new sounds, and the terrorists look  like Alien Monsters (complete with sound). This is a great mod! All must have to play!


I use this allot  it offers allot of maps with new starts and lots of cover. The mod is also host only (server-side), so only host needs to have it.

SBS Clan Map Mods 1            SBS Clan Map Mod 2

This is a very nice map pack. Offers good sniping and assault positions, as well as new starts.Mod is host only (server-side), so only host needs to have it.


This mod offers modifications to the Hot zone map from UO. I haven't played any of these yet,but I hear they are pretty good. This Mod is host only (server-side), so only host needs it for everyone to play. With new starts this map is fun for those team on team killer blood baths.


I have to load it but it sounds fun to play inside the matrix. This is a totally wild map the wall glow like the matrix. The tangos have a tighter font that helps  allot when you hunting them. Try it I found it very hard to finish the main map alone. 



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